OXCORE success: Music Business students reflect on their launch event

08 Dec 2017

With the goal of bringing the hardcore music genre to Oxford, three second year SAE Oxford Music Business students, Robert Brooks, Josh Barton and Agata Szmurło, embarked on their first gig last Wednesday, showcasing three local hardcore bands at the Wheatsheaf.

The launch of their unique event was a great success and received a lot of positive feedback from both the bands that played and the guests that came to mosh to the music. It is clear that the students already have a real knack at organising bands, with the evening running completely smoothly from start to finish.

Josh commented: “We got there at 6:35pm and the first band was already setting the drum kit up on stage. It was very much a zero stress situation.”

On top of this, it was also a really enjoyable event. Not only did the team have a great time, but they’ve even received messages from people to express how great the evening was.


"We had a great time. It was a good gig and each of the bands played a blinding set.” "

- Josh



OXCORE is much bigger than a singular event, it is more of a movement. The team want to make the hardcore genre prominent in Oxford, which meant they were thrilled to have Contek, Worry and Resolve on board. When the team ended up having an extra £20 due to the hire fee being less than anticipated, they didn’t keep the money for themselves, they used it to pay the bands a larger sum. It is clear that the trio’s passion for the music extends much further than making a profit: they appreciate the bands and they want to make something happen.

There are already signs that OXCORE is set to snowball into a successful long-term project, as a band that was previously unavailable to play at the launch has already got in touch to organise another event at the same venue.

“This means our next gig could be around March, which shows that we definitely have room to grow as it is being taken seriously,” Josh explains.

On top of this, two of the bands that played last week have already expressed an explicit interest in playing at another gig very soon. Having already established a good relationship with the venue as a result of their professional conduct last week, it’s likely that we’ll hear about a second event very soon.

The experience has also been a really positive learning curve for the team. “The planning is the main thing that goes into the event and I learnt a lot from that side of it. Going to the event was a nice way of seeing how our hard work paid off,” Agata explains.

Robert also demonstrated how the event has expanded his skillset, saying: “I didn’t know how to be a promoter before this experience. The main thing I took away was the whole process of setting everything up.”

The OXCORE team are already looking to the future and how they can expand their event. While the launch was about showcasing local hardcore bands, they are now at a point where they would like to eventually bring harcore bands from further afield into Oxford to play.

If you or somebody you know would like to hold a hardcore show through OXCORE, get in touch with the team directly: oxcoreox4@gmail.com

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