Music Business student hosts Let’s Talk Mental Health event at SAE Glasgow for Major Project

29 Jul 2019

Earlier this month, SAE Glasgow hosted a showcase event ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health - Working in the Music Industry’ which was the Major Project for Music Business student Ellen Van der Linden. 

The evening consisted of a Help Musicians UK talk with David Culbert and Adam Martin, followed by a panel event, a networking session, and a performance by Rest & Be Thankful. 

Help Musicians UK is an independent UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, of all ages. They work to provide support at times of opportunity or crisis, giving musicians extra support at moments that could make or break their career. 

The panelists at Ellen’s event were Halina Rifai (Lost Art Agency) and Roddy McIlwraith (Music Producer, Studio Recording and Mixing Engineer). 

Emma Straughan, Project Facilitator at Let’s Talk said: “I found the presenters and panel really knowledgeable and informative and their empathy certainly shone through.” 

We are glad that Emma made it down to attend the evening, and admire the important work she does with Let’s Talk. The Scottish Association for Mental Health’s (SAMH) Let's Talk project is working to challenge stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health; encouraging people to think about their mental health; introducing self-management techniques to increase resilience and supporting people struggling with their mental health through training, information and signposting, in order to help to improve lives.

Sarah McCord said: “The ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’ event which was held at SAE Glasgow gave an insight into the music industry, discussing topics kept behind closed doors. This event is essential for everyone in the music industry, from applicants to head of A&R.”  

Ellen’s project in Glasgow is not the first time that SAE students have worked to promote better mental health support in the music industry. 

SAE London Music Business students hosted Two Danes & a Brit in October 2018, a live music event that was also arranged in partnership with Help Musicians UK. 

We think that our students have an amazing sense of the challenges faced by many in the creative industries and that they have been well-equipped to deal with some of the difficulties that they may face over the course of their careers. 

Find out more about Help Musicians UK here.

Find out more about the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) here