Music Business Programme Coordinator discusses his career in Bass Guitar Magazine

02 Aug 2018

Lee Erinmez, Music Business Programme Coordinator at SAE London, is still very much active in the music industry and was recently interviewed by ‘The UK’s number one bassist magazine’, Bass Guitar Magazine.

Alongside his work in education, Lee continues to have a successful music career as bassist and manager of punk band, Snuff. Joining the band over 20 years ago, Lee has toured all over the world, playing gigs in Japan, the USA, Australia, Canada, various countries in Europe as well as the UK, of course.

Snuff are continuing to make music too, having recently finished recording their latest album at Vada Recording Studios, where Lee organised a visit for some SAE London Audio students. 

Bass Guitar Magazine recently interviewed Lee for their August edition, and have published an article which details his career as a bassist. The article provides a positive insight into Lee’s journey to where he is now, highlighting the depth of his knowledge and how his music career continues to feed into the teaching he does at SAE.

In the article he says:

“We were signed to the label owned by Fat Mike from NOFX, and we got to experience the last few years of things being great at the level of a big indie label. In 2011 I took over the management of the band. A lot of things have changed since then, of course, so the focus of my teaching is showing my students what they can do to succeed in the modern business environment.”

He also discusses his reasons for playing the bass in the first place, acknowledging Kiss’ Gene Simmons as one of his inspirations, as well as the instrument being relatively unknown in comparison to the guitar. 

He explains: “I bought a pink Marlin Sidewinder, which was horrendous because its action was so high, and I didn’t know that you could fix that so I just started playing it. That was it, really – you can blame that golden period of rock from the 80s.” 

To download a pdf version of the full interview, click here.