Music and mindfulness: SAE London Audio student releases nature-inspired meditation track

19 Jun 2020

Following on from the release of her meditative music EP Be Still in March, SAE London Audio Production student Tasha Cole has released a new nature-inspired meditation track. 

The track is called ‘Binaural Brainwave Guided Imagery - Beta, Alpha, Theta’. Tasha said: “The inspiration behind this track is from music therapist Helen Bonny, I wanted to recreate an electronic sound bath that uses binaural brainwave states and elements of Earth and Water. Helen Bonny uses guided imagery to guide her patients through a 2-hour journey to tap into trauma and let go. I wanted to do the same for my listener but in an electronic way. Earth is grounded and feeling relative and connected with sounds of birds, frogs, waterfalls in the distance. This is tapping into your base chakra and your heart chakra. Allowing yourself to let go in Beta. Beta - may increase concentration and alertness, problem-solving, and improve memory. Thereafter you will flow into Alpha, with chord progressions on my Korg X5 synth. Alpha encourages relaxation, promoting positivity and decreases anxiety. Birds symbolising freedom and relative to the element Air and Earth, freedom to let go and relax. The last journey is through Theta, linked to REM sleep, reduced anxiety, relaxation, as well as meditative and creative states. This is with the element Water; water is fluid and emotional, giving you the opportunity to meditate and release any emotions that no longer serve you. The journey ends with coming back into Alpha, leaving you feeling positive and relaxed.” 

At 24 minutes long, Tasha did all the mixing and sound design for the release herself. It is now available on Bandcamp. Tasha said: “I hope you like this 24 minutes of pure tranquillity, I have produced this with high-frequency energy that will radiate and transcend through your body. Best way to listen is on headphones. Namaste.” 

Tasha has also collaborated with NHS Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Laura Burr-Lonnon on an upcoming release ‘Binaural Cognition’, which is a collaboration between guided meditations and meditation music. You can use the tracks to help guide you to your inward knowledge and self. Including specific brainwave states to help relaxation, anxiety or concentration. This project will be released on Spotify on 23 June. 

Both releases are to help anyone that is going through low mood, anxiety, stress or insomnia - conditions that are no doubt heightened by the uncertainty and change to routines created by COVID-19. 

Don’t forget, SAE students can also access Big White Wall if they are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. 

Find out more about the Big White Wall here.

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