Local school rocks out at SAE Liverpool’s studios

21 Jul 2016

Budding Beyoncés and would be Sheerans from Broad Oak Community Primary School in St Helens had a taste of what it feels like to be a pop star last week in our Liverpool studios.

Head teacher Sean Moore wanted to show how much fun a career can be. He invited classes in the school to compete against one another for a recording session at SAE Liverpool’s studios.

The school saw each class nominate a song before asking their friends and family to go on Facebook and vote for it. In total the winners received over 26,000 hits. 

Michael Carroll, Liverpool’s Campus Manager said:

"It was great to see kids from a local school on campus, their enthusiasm was incredible.

At SAE we're all about hands on learning and we were delighted to share our studio facilities for such a great project.  SAE graduate Adam Lowe was on hand to record the winning track and to show just what goes on behind the scenes.

Their version of 'Count On Me' by Bruno Mars was brilliant.... with this level of local talent, he’ll need to watch out."