The Liverpool Audio Network: a social enterprise

09 Feb 2018

Current SAE Liverpool Audio students Phil Noone and Lee Mooney, alongside their friend and now colleague Daniel Fisher, tell us about their social enterprise, the Liverpool Audio Network (LAN), which is dedicated to the development of Liverpool’s music industry and community.

The team of three, all share a passion for producing and sharing music.

Daniel: “I am 20, from Maghull, Liverpool and I’m a producer, sound designer, musician and Max/MSP programmer. I started out as an EDM DJ which progressed into developing a career in sonic arts; cinematic electronica, experimental electronics and philosophy.”

Phil: “I am 26, from Ormskirk (just outside of Liverpool). I started out as a DJ playing and producing House and Techno. I still  DJ now but have moved into Disco and Soulful House.”

Lee: “I am 23, also from Ormskirk. I am primarily a music producer, however I’m studying in hope of becoming a mastering engineer. I began writing EDM, which turned into a passion creating ambient soundscapes, and melodic ambient works.”

Together, the trio host a range of different events such as conferences, workshops and networking opportunities. The aim of these events are to help individuals in Liverpool’s music industry build their networks, develop their skills and create new opportunities.

“By doing this, the local talent in the music industry are given a helping hand and a platform to develop at a faster pace and progress further in their creative endeavours,” Daniel explains.

“We aim to break down the divide between the creatives in the City. This is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. We would like to develop a city-wide event that helps to educate and connect creatives.”


So how did it all come about?

Daniel launched the Liverpool Audio Meetup last August and after having a very successful first meetup the following month, he wanted to develop the platform into something more. After meeting Phil and Lee, who both shared the same ideas, they decided to form a team which evolved into the Liverpool Audio Network.

The team already had the foundation of the Liverpool Audio Meetup to build upon, so they set out forming a Facebook group in order to broadcast their formation, as well as utilising other social media platforms to get their name out there. They generated a huge amount of interest early on, their efforts proving very successful when they sold out their first event over two weeks in advance.

“I am most proud of our first event. The whole atmosphere, enthusiasm and drive from the audience was inspiring,” Daniel comments.

Now, they all have individual roles in the business. Daniel is Head of Marketing, Phil covers everything logistical which can range from dealing with venues to the event schedule, and Lee covers everything else which includes sourcing funding and creating solutions to keep LAN sustainable in the community.

Mental health is also a really important subject for the team and they want to use their platform to raise awareness of issues, especially surrounding musicians. They have already got a close relationship with MIND UK which they will continue to develop.

Daniel explains: “For now, we have various books, leaflets and handouts from MIND UK that we have on our table at the events and encourage anyone to take the material to seek the help they need. We will be working closely with MIND and HMUK in the future to develop this area of our work.”

With Phil and Lee still studying the Audio Production degree at SAE Liverpool, there has certainly been a lot of work to juggle over the last few months. Despite this, the pair have found that they have been able to fit their studies around their new project.

Phil: “It has been rather easy to manage my time around studies. I am now doing the ASP module based on LAN so I have even more time to concentrate on what needs to be done alongside the use of the campus facilities.”

Lee: “As I study on the same course as Phil, we have worked closely on relating our studies to LAN, which has made this quite a pleasant experience, as the campus lends resources and tutors to aid in our progression.”

Phil notes that the Audio Production degree has helped him learn both about the business side of music, as well as the practical side of producing music too. “It has also taught how to present myself as a professional, which is important for any role within the music industry,” he says.

For Lee, who had planned to study at SAE for a long time before enrolling, has found that his tutors have been a big source of help. “It has been great! Having built such strong relationships with not only my classmates but my tutors has been incredible, an experience I know many of my friends in a traditional university have not had the opportunity to experience.”

So what’s next?

All three are committed to the future of LAN, and the future certainly looks bright for the team. Their enthusiasm, business acumen, and genuine desire to make a difference shines through and will certainly make a difference to Liverpool’s music scene.

“We our now in talks with a very special venue in the city. More details will be announced on our social media platforms in the coming weeks.”

Stay tuned by following LAN on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.