LinkedIn learning now available to SAE students and staff

14 Jan 2020

SAE Institute is excited to announce that SAE students and staff now have access to LinkedIn Learning. 

Formerly, LinkedIn Learning is an online self-paced tuition platform offering a wide range of professional development courses. 

SAE students and staff have access to the premium membership tier that provides access to all the courses the platform has to offer.

The Creative library contains the world’s largest collection of tools and skills for creative, design, and engineering professionals. The educational videos cover a diverse range of topics, including graphic design, UX, video, photography, 3D, audio and music.

With lessons on modelling vehicles in Maya, Green Screen techniques, ZBrush tips and tricks, HTML Essential Training, Pro Tools 12 Essential Training, Learning C++ and Social Media Promotion for Musicians, Artists and Engineers there is no shortage of tutorials and lectures that users can sink their teeth into. 

Students and staff can access LinkedIn Learning by signing in using their SAE issued Gmail address (ending in (staff) or (students)).

National Librarian and SAE London Student Experience Officer, Matt Kibble, said: “Looking to get up-to-date on the latest After Effects? Need some tips on your favourite DAW? Wanting to build your portfolio in Programming Languages? With access to thousands of self-paced tutorial videos and assets, offering expert-led business, technology, and creative skills development courses, LinkedIn Learning provides students with the ability to further their ability sets both in subjects covered during their studies and well beyond!” 

The platform combines with other supplementary learning tools, such as online learning provider Education & Bass, to reflect the ways in which SAE goes over and above to support students on their learning journeys. 

By undertaking LinkedIn Learning courses in their own time, SAE students will be able to develop and refine the skills they are being taught by our expert teaching staff, becoming specialists in areas where they wish to pursue a career after graduating. 

Staff can also use the platform to consolidate their professional development, pursuing subjects inside and outside of their areas of expertise in their own time. 

Find out more and access LinkedIn Learning here.