Intensive, exciting and practical: Brand new short courses launched at SAE

02 Aug 2018

SAE is introducing some brand new short courses at select campuses this September. Excited? You should be.

Intensive, exciting and practical, SAE’s creative media short courses are designed to fast-track you into industry. Offering a variety of full -time, part-time and weekend courses across a number of disciplines, there’s something suited to anyone looking to enhance their skills.

Following the popularity of SAE’s Diploma in Sound Engineering, two brand new 12-month Diplomas have been introduced: the Diploma in Digital Film Production and the Diploma in Game Art and 3D Animation. Both full-time courses resonate with the content of their relative two-year degree programmes, but offer a quicker way of learning industry-essential skills. With students able to complete the course in just 12 months, it means that they can enter the industry quicker and therefore put their skills into practice and embark on their careers sooner than the competition.

Diplomas have also been proved to be a fitting option for mature students, as former Diploma in Sound Engineering student Nick Fisher knows first-hand.

He said: “I chose the Diploma over the Degree as I'm a mature student and really just wanted something to kind of fast-track me the essential skills to just get out there and get started, and that's exactly what it's done.”

Diplomas are especially suited to people who want to learn a lot, quickly. The intensive nature of these courses means that students really are using their time wisely: gaining all of the skills, expertise and knowledge needed to launch their careers once finishing. Discover our Diplomas.

Also being introduced is a brand new games programming short course - ‘C++ 101’. True to its name, this course is designed to provide students with all of the key information, tips and tricks related to the programming language C++. Spanning 13 weeks and taking place at the London campus, the C++ 101 course will allow students to get hands-on programming experience that is vital in today’s fast-paced, competitive games industry.

Karsten Vermeulen, course tutor commented: "C++ is still a universally-recognized games programming language and this course teaches you the basics of it from the ground up. Students will be able to learn what C++ is all about, how they can begin to master it and how it can be used within the Unreal game engine."

SAE Glasgow will also be offering two 8-week courses based around the software music sequencer and digital audio workstation, Ableton Live. Ableton Live Performer and Ableton Live Producer are two separate courses that will focus on the different elements of the audio software.

Commenting on the Producer course, Orvar Thorvaldsson, Audio lecturer at SAE Glasgow tells us:

“The Ableton Live Producer course is perfect for those who wish to become expert users in Ableton Live in a relatively short space of time. The course will teach students how to fully unlock Ableton Live’s potential as a production tool, providing them with the knowledge and skill set to push the boundaries of their production skills.”

Moving on to the Performer course, Orvar continues:

“The Ableton Live Performer course is ideal for those who already have a solid background in electronic music production and are keen on taking the step into live performance. On the course we will cover all aspects of live performance with Ableton Live. This includes using Ableton for more traditional DJ approaches, as well as focusing on more elaborate performance aspects such as live improvisations and playing with live musicians.”

A 6-month Practical Filmmaking course is also starting at SAE Glasgow from October. Designed for aspiring filmmakers, this course will see students learn the fundamental elements of filmmaking in just 6 months. Guided by SAE’s expert tutors, budding filmmakers will get to learn the art of screenwriting, cinematography and post-production, following the whole process of creating a film from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking to retrain, upskill or have a bit of fun in a field of interest, there might just be a short course for you.

To find out more about our exciting new short courses, click here.