Gaming Live: SAE Liverpool launch live streaming channel

31 May 2018

SAE Liverpool has set up a live streaming channel on the platform Twitch, in order to educate and inspire games enthusiasts, namely students studying Game Art Animation and Games Programming across all four UK campuses.

“The aim of the channel is to provide educational comments on the game design, the level design, animations, sound design and more,” Nicolas Panteleimonow, Campus Support Technician at SAE Liverpool tells us.

Twitch is a popular live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. Nicolas (mentioned above) and Firdaus Khalid, Animation, Web and Games Programme Coordinator, set up an SAE account on Twitch called SAE TV, and they have already effectively utilised the space to provide insightful commentary on various games.

"Twitch is great in a way that it is really specialised in video games, and you can find a lot of different type of channels and streamers,” Nicolas explains.

“Moreover, there are professionals from the video game industry that uses it quite often. One example would be the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), an important event showing upcoming AAA games but also hardware, is broadcast on it, just like major E-sport events. Online newspapers like has developers from big title games that are invited to play the games they worked on and comment on them. I think the channel we have created fits perfectly well with this platform."

Both educational and enjoyable, SAE TV has hosted two successful live streams so far, the most recent one focused on the ‘run and gun’ indie game Cuphead.

“It went well, Cuphead is a really great game and the animation style is really beautiful. Moreover, the gameplay is really great, and the controls quite precise. The co-op mode makes it even more fun to play. The sound design and the soundtrack fit really well with the overall theme of the game. It reminds me of old cartoons I had the chance to watch before.” Nicolas explains.

With the channel already receiving positive interest, there are now big plans in place for SAE TV’s future. Not only will other tutors across campuses be encouraged to host their own live streams, but students will eventually get the opportunity to present their own games in order to get exposure and also receive feedback from those that tune in.

The next live stream will happen on Friday 1 June from 4pm, visit to tune in.