Film student showcases work at Tate Liverpool

22 Sep 2017

An SAE Digital Film Production student is wasting little time in getting his work seen by the widest audience, having recently been asked to exhibit his latest project at the Tate Liverpool. 

Liverpool based Spencer Cammayo directed a synth pop music video titled 'The Rose' and features his friend and fellow artist Callum Crighton. 

The song is heavily influenced by the work of Kate Bush and Davd Bowie and is about trusting yourself that you are able to create your own destiny and the dancing is representation of taking control of your life and doing as you please with it.

Spencer commented: "The exhibition is a display of Roy Lichtenstein’s work and the programme gives young people a chance to get involved in creative projects and to discover more about art and new skills. I am so thrilled to have my work featured in the Tate, as the video is showcased to more people than we could have imagined".

Spencer is also working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer producing content alongside his studies and hopes to become a Cinematographer in a large film production.

To book your tickets to see Spencer's incredible work visit the exhibition page.