EMP Alumna Flaminia taking industry by storm

05 Sep 2017

We caught up with former SAE London Electronic Music Production student Flaminia who has gone on to set up two record labels while touring the world as a successful DJ. 

Tell us what you've been up to since finishing EMP at SAE?

I finished a MSc in Marketing, which I started while I was studying at SAE, started a new job and in general started setting up my life around supporting my work in music.

I have launched two labels together with End Train: Ways to Die in 2015 and Metempsychosis in 2017 so that I could start releasing my own music as well as that of artists that I believe in. I opted for two labels as each promotes a different style, even though they complete with one another on a musical and conceptual level. You can check the concept here: www.voluntasmusic.com

And it’s great because I produce a lot of music and like to make different styles: if I produce something more industrial I can release it on Ways To Die, while if I create music more mystic and experimental I can use Metempsychosis.  

I have also joined London-based booking agency Grey Area and became resident of their party Grey Matter in London. I’ve started traveling in different countries because of gigs. Just this year I’ve been to Georgia, Italy, Greece and I am super grateful for being able to bring my music in different scenes as well as to explore new cultures from a musical perspective.

What's been the highlight of your music career so far?

Definitely after starting my own projects, it was incredible to get such good feedback from artists whom I respect a lot, about the music we are putting out there. And, importantly, having the feeling that my project matters to other people.

We are now finally releasing the first vinyl by Tapefeed: “Dawn On The Eclipse” which includes a remix by Vril, which in itself is a special moment as we have created an actual physical product from scratch.

What is it like to play at some of Europe’s biggest clubs?

Playing in large clubs has been amazing and I am very happy that I have the opportunity to do it. Nevertheless, to be honest, I feel it is not really about the capacity or the brand of the club. I play regularly in smaller underground parties and in a way, those are some of my favourite gigs. The rawness of smaller nights and unknown spaces, really gives me a different kind of inspiration. The important elements are that the crowd is energetic and feels the music you’re playing, the sound system is clean and powerful, other artists who share the decks with you are talented and passionate and the promoters professional.

Did you find the EMP training at SAE useful?

Yes, definitely: when I started the course I was just DJing and didn’t know anything about production. So it gave me a good foundation to start learning Ableton and Logic as well as the basis of synthesis.

Also having access to the studios out of regular hours is great because you can use very good quality synths whenever you feel inspired.

It’s important to highlight that the course gives you the basics, but what really matters to progress is working hard everyday. A course will not change your life, if you don’t put effort into what you do and try to grow everyday, leveraging what you’ve already learned in class.

*Photo 1 by Luca-Crescenzi