Emmy award-winner Pete Burgis to teach SAE Foundations of Foley short course

28 Oct 2020

SAE UK is excited to announce that Emmy award-winning Foley artist Pete Burgis will be teaching a brand new ‘Foundations of Foley’ short course from 4 - 29 January 2021. 

The full-time intensive course will run Mon - Thurs, with teaching beginning at 10.00 am and finishing at 5.00 pm each day. 

It will cost £1500, with an exclusive 10% discount available for anyone who attended our SAE Extra event with Pete on 27 October (check your inbox for details for how to redeem the offer). 

Pete said: “Working in an industry governed by deadlines, NDAs and high security on film projects it was very difficult for me to invite aspiring artists or indeed anyone interested in the art of Foley into the studio for more than a day or two at a time, which was far too short a period in which to explain even the basics of my performance. The Foundations in Foley course is so exciting for me because I’ll be spending four days a week for four weeks working with students on the fundamentals of Foley performance and the practices that have helped me over my career. Aspiring Foley Artists, Game Audio students and professionals, anybody wishing to unlock their ‘inner artist’ will be very welcome. We will be on our feet all day, probably covered in mud or possibly fruit!” 

The art of foley has traditionally been a skill handed down from artist to apprentice in a professional studio setting. It has been very difficult for new students of the craft to gain knowledge and practice in the performance methods used by an artist. But now SAE is presenting an amazing opportunity for you to learn from Emmy award-winner Pete Burgis, who has worked on over 350 films, TV and games projects. He is a double Emmy award-winner for his work on Band of Brothers (2001) and Generation Kill (2008). He has also won 3 MPSE awards and achieved 24 other nominations! More recent Emmy nominations include Watership Down (2019) and Devs (2020).

Pete is also known for his work on Oscar-winning films The King's Speech, Slumdog Millionaire, and Gosford Park, as well as franchises like The Harry Potter series, Sherlock Holmes 1&2, Clash of the Titans, and Wonder Woman 1&2. In 2015 Pete joined Pinewood Studios Creative Audio department as lead Foley artist. His credits there include Dumbo, Aladdin, Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, Alex Garland's Devs, Annihilation, and Ex-Machina. His games credits include Gears of War, The Ark, Moonlight Blade, Ghosts of Tsushima, Warhammer, Wolfenstein, The Division 2, Watchdogs Legion, Until Dawn, Man of Medan and Little Hope.

In SAE’s ‘Foundations of Foley’ short course, students will develop their understanding of the foundational techniques used to create and perform Foley for film and games. This programme will be heavily practice-based and oriented around the completion of projects over the four-week period. Students will be expected to engage with hands-on learning from the first day of the programme, involving both physical performance activities and the creation of project work.

Students will gain knowledge and skills in character analysis; shoe and prop choice; fabrics and costume; creating footsteps in sync and with character; dynamic footsteps for running, fighting and dancing; performing movements with cloth and accessories; animal movement; creating well time character actions for game assets; surface creation and pit building; working alongside music; recording techniques; mic choice and placement; dealing with transient sound problems when performing and plugins for transient control and environment. 

As well as the practical skills needed to create Foley for film or games, students will learn about the history of Foley from theatre to the present day; audio illusion and the suspension of disbelief; the senses, and emotional responses to external stimuli; choreography, and the reasons for its use on set; and working with a Mixer and Editor - a Foley Artist’s place in a sound team. 

Upon successful completion of this 4-week programme, students will receive an SAE certificate of completion. 

To register your interest in SAE’s ‘Foundations of Foley’ short course, click here.