Definitely Maybe - the insider view of enrolling in May

02 Feb 2018

At SAE, we are different to other UK universities as we offer the chance for our students to enrol in May. Having a May intake (as well as September and January) offers more flexibility for our prospective students, allowing them to start their degree at a time that suits them. It also often means that they benefit from smaller classes and subsequently a greater level of academic support.

We caught up with two of our current students, to see why they chose to enrol in May and why it’s worked for them.

Sheldon Herron - Audio Production, SAE Oxford

Sheldon, 23, currently lives in Worcester with his girlfriend and commutes to our Oxford campus where he studies Audio Production. He enrolled on the degree straight after completing his college course. 

“I chose to enrol in May because it allowed me to get started straight out of a college course and I wanted to complete the two years study as soon as possible to allow more room for job hunting and industry engagement.”

"Studying at SAE has given me the freedom and opportunity to explore my love for music and audio. I have discovered many new areas which I have ventured into and explored curiously, helping me shape my future and build an educated path ahead. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to start the course in Spring time allowing a smaller group to accompany my studies and providing more hands on time in studio sessions".

“The May intake to me seemed quieter and with less people on the course it would allow me to be less distracted and more engaged with my studies.

Other than that, I wanted some good weather to help with University settle in!”


Lee Mills - Audio Production, SAE Liverpool

Lee, originally from Suffolk, has lived in Liverpool for over 15 years now and has worked in a number of different roles before enrolling on the Audio Production degree at SAE Liverpool.  Over the years, he has been a chef, restaurant manager and an IT project manager but has always produced and played music, as well as volunteering for the radio in his spare time. 

Lee decided to pursue his love of music through SAE Liverpool, enrolling on the Audio Production degree in May.

“I decided to start in May as it gave me more time to prepare, both financially and mentally, than the September intake. I was also attracted by the prospect of a smaller class and a more mature age range within the intake.”

Alongside his studies, Lee works part-time in a GP practice, handling their IT and data work and is luckily able to fit his hours around his course.

“I've really enjoyed my time on the course. I think the smaller intake helped as we have more time in class to ask questions and really understand what we're learning. I've found the staff to be great and very knowledgeable on their subjects. They are very friendly and approachable. As mentioned above, I think the May intake worked better for me due to the smaller class size and a more mature age group.”