Dave Aron inspires SAE Institute London’s audio students

21 Jul 2015
Dave Aron inspires SAE Institute London’s audio students

Multi-platinum sound engineer and Snoop Dogg’s right hand man, Dave Aron inspires SAE Institute London’s audio students.

Multi-platinum sound engineer and masterer to the phenomenally rich and famous, Dave Aron took time out from his busy touring schedule to come and lecture the future greats of the audio world at SAE Institute’s London campus.

Taking place in the industry leading studios in Haggerston, Dave commanded an audience of 120 students over the course of two guest lectures.

Positioning himself in the largest studio with a live stream next door to the lecture theatre Dave’s fingers moved across the console with lightening speed along with a demonstration in Pro-Tools in order to impart key tricks of the trade to the students to then practice in order to develop their craft.

The creative industries bring in £73 billion to the British economy every year, and Dave spent a large amount of his time opening the students’ eyes to how they could not only make their mark on the industry but crucially how they can turn their skills into a viable trading business.

By sharing stories of his own journey into the audio industry Dave emphasised the importance of training and the constant need for self-improvement to stay ahead of the game.

Recalling stories of working with U2, 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Diddy to name a few, he attributed his success not only to his constant learning and experimentation in the studio but also with his ability to de-stress people and talk to anyone, especially when dealing with frazzled A-list artists on studio time.

Dave continued to recall stories, sign autographs and give comprehensive answers to the vast array of questions that the students asked him, late into the evening.

He said:

“These students are so focused and talented, their imagination and skills are going to be redefining the music scene in the years to come. Education is essential and where they’re at right now is perfect for that, I hope that they’ve taken inspiration from my own experiences of the music industry to really position themselves for success.”

Second year audio student, Aaron Or said: “It’s not even my chosen genre of music but as Dave said in the lecture, the principles of working in the audio music industry are the same whatever the genre of music you listen to. It was so inspiring and really focussed my career path. I’m even more determined than ever to succeed now.”

Dave is currently on tour with Snoop Dogg as his personal sound engineer and will be visiting several of SAE Institute’s other global campuses.