Cognitant visits SAE Oxford’s Animation students to speak about their game-changing immersive content

13 Nov 2018

Cognitant is an Oxfordshire-based company that, through their immersive content, aim to help people better understand their health. They visited SAE Oxford’s Animation students last week to talk about their work and highlight some exciting job and internship opportunities in the pipeline.

With UK Doctors only able to dedicate a small amount of time to each patient, it’s a challenge for them to go into detail when explaining conditions to individuals, especially when it comes to chronic illnesses. Through their immersive content, Cognitant aims to tackle this issue and is set to revolutionise the healthcare process by allowing Doctors and patients to make the most of their valuable consultation time.  

Through sophisticated animations, Cognitant creates a simulated clinic experience which can be viewed on a low-end device (smartphone, tablet) or a high-end device (Virtual Reality headset). The medium allows patients to get a thorough explanation of what is going on inside their body by a certified Doctor, as well as a visual walk-through using animated body parts. Using VR in particular, individuals can see specific aspects of the body up close and can even shrink themselves down to a microscopic size to see their organs in fine detail. This simulated appointment experience will revolutionise the way we are informed about medical conditions.

Coming in to the Oxford campus to explain their concept in greater detail, the team at Cognitant highlighted a possible career path for our current Animation students.

Aidan Coughlan, Animation lecturer at SAE Oxford commented on the visit: “Cognitant’s work is particularly relevant to our Animation students as they require the creation of bespoke 3D assets including characters, organs and environments. Our students are taught a wide range of skills in the Game Art and Animation degree course. The principles imparted on to the students during their time at SAE isn’t just applicable to creating AAA gaming titles, there are a plethora of other opportunities that require the skills a Game Artist will have acquired after coming to study with SAE.

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