Clément Leroux: the SAE London graduate taking the electronic music scene by storm

09 Nov 2018

Graduating from SAE London with an Audio Production degree in August 2017, Clément Leroux is becoming a well-known name in the Electronic Music circuit. It has been just a year since he embarked on his solo project, and the young music artist from Lille, France, has already released a number of tracks, performed at high profile DJ events all over the world and been signed by global Electronic Music label Armada Music.

When asked about his advice for fellow SAE students looking to pursue a career in music production, Clément simply says: “Do your thing,” - and it is clear that he has been doing exactly that.

Last November marked the release of Clément’s first single with Universal, and since then he has built himself a firm platform from which he can climb his way to the top. His second release was an official remix for the Lost Frequencies track ‘Crazy’ with Armada Music, which propelled his career to new heights.

Earlier this year, he performed as one of a select line-up of DJs for ‘Robin Schulz and Friends’ in Miami. The event was hosted by the world-leading record label Spinnin’ Records and headlined, of course, by the world-renowned German DJ Robin Schulz. He has also played at other venues across the world including Toronto and Amsterdam. After a very busy summer, Clément released his third single which is currently getting played on US Radio, being included in popular Electronic Music playlists on Spotify, has received over 250,000 hits in just two months. His latest track with Armada, “U Got My Heart,” reached #9 in France across all genres.

Speaking about his journey to where he is now, it is clear that Clément has always been destined for a career in music. ‘I have been listening to music since forever,’ he tells us. He has also being playing music for a long time too. From learning to play the piano at the age of 9, to being given a DJ controller at 14, Clément’s passion for creating music is so deeply ingrained it is also a family trait.

When Clément was 15, his Uncle, who was studying Audio at SAE Brussels, let him use his Logic Pro license. The rest, you could say, was history. ‘Making music was my only interest,’ Clement explains.

From there, he formed a duo with a fellow DJ and at just 16 their remix of The Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ blew up online. With 5 millions views on Soundcloud and 1 million views on Spotify, the track got signed by Universal - Clément’s first taste of success in the music industry.

It was at that point that he decided to solidify his Audio knowledge through education, so he went to the Audio Production degree at SAE London. Commenting on his move from Lille to London, he said: ‘I decided to go to SAE because it was the best school in what I was passionate about. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot.’

Clément recalls that not only did SAE allow him to discover new aspects of Audio such as the post-production process, but it inspired him hugely. With the likes of fellow SAE Audio graduate and Grammy Award-winning Audio Engineer Ricky Damian to look up to, as well as countless industry talks being held at the campus, Clément’s drive to pursue a solo project was stronger than ever once he graduated from SAE.

Now mixing with the best in the business, Clément can offer a valuable insight into the industry. Having spoken to the likes of Robin Schulz and the DJ behind Lost Frequencies in person, Clément has a clear idea of what is required to achieve success as a Electronic Music DJ.

‘Do your thing. Don’t listen to anyone. Listen only to your Manager, if you have one, and to your team. Don’t copy anyone. To be successful you must be creative and innovative. Do something that stands out.’

Although his career has gained momentum very quickly, Clément is aware that patience is key in the industry. ‘Be patient, determined and love what you do. Eventually good things will come.’