Backstage at Gottwood: Music Business student shares his fantastic experience working at the festival

10 Jul 2018

Cameron Pettit, Music Business student at SAE London, recently got the opportunity to work backstage at Gottwood Festival.

Held in Anglesey, Wales, Gottwood is described as an “independent, boutique, and very intimate underground electronic music festival”. With thousands of people flocking to the remote part of Wales to enjoy a weekend of music, Cameron was part of the team that helped the event run smoothly.

Working as an artist liaison volunteer for three days, Cameron gained a valuable insight into the inner workings of a music festival.

Cameron commented: “My general shifts involved me meeting and greeting artists and getting them to the stage, arranging and getting their riders, showing them around the festival and getting anything else that was required. This ranged from finding a place for artists to sell merchandise to finding a replacement for cables and plugs that had been broken. I was also able to spend the time in between doing these things watching from behind the stage and talking to the artists.”

Not only did Cameron gain an understanding of the various roles involved in a live music event, he was also able to see artists that he otherwise wouldn’t of had the chance to see.

“The overall experience was great, and I think the most enjoyable part was being able to find out about different acts that I hadn’t heard before, most notably Happy Meals and Ariwo,” Cameron said.

Being an avid music fan clearly has its perks when working in the live music industry, but Cameron has also been able to take away valuable skills that he can apply to his own career. With an ambition to work as either a promoter or booking agent once he’s completed his degree, witnessing the different roles at a live music event has been a valuable experience for Cameron.

“I was able to see how different parts of the festival was put together and see the roles of different jobs such as stage manager, artist liaison manager and rider manager,” he explains.

It was SAE London’s Music Business Programme Coordinator that passed the opportunity at Gottwood on to Cameron, and it has directly fed in to the skills that he’s currently learning on the course.

“I believe that gaining industry experience is beneficial in two main ways to my future career as it has given me hands on experience which I can take directly into future roles and build on it,” Cameron explains.

“Secondly, I think that it shows to future employers that I have gained experience and that I have been willing to look for work, even for short periods which could benefit me and further my career.”

Image courtesy of Gottwood Festival.