Attend an SAE Open Event this January and kickstart your creative future

16 Jan 2020

SAE Institute is hosting Open Events at SAE Oxford on Wednesday 22 January, and on Thursday 23 January at SAE Liverpool, SAE London and SAE Glasgow.  

SAE offers 2-year creative media degrees and 1-year skill diplomas in the following areas: Audio Production, Game Art Animation, VFX Animation, Digital Film Production, Music Business, Games Programming, and Web Development.

There is still time to enrol in January (deadline is 27 January), or you can apply direct to start your studies with us in May or September. 

Our Open Events are a great chance for you to look around an SAE campus and decide if it’s the place you want to embark on your 2-year creative media journey. 

You will be able to get a tour of the campus, attend talks and demonstrations from expert teaching staff and meet current students. This means you get to see the amazing facilities and equipment firsthand and can also ask staff and students if there’s anything you’d like to know more about. 

Digital Film Production student Paul Ewing said: “The open days were the main factor in my choice to come here. After seeing the facilities and equipment available and hearing about the course, I could see that SAE was going to be different from all other creative courses. I get a real sense that SAE is going to take me where I want to go professionally.”






It can be useful to look at the SAE website beforehand and prepare a list of questions ahead of time so that you can make the most of the Open Event experience. 

You can get an overview of your prospective course syllabus, and get a feel for whether you’d be motivated to learn under the expert lecturers at SAE. It might be helpful to bring a notepad and jot down important bits of info e.g. about student finance, and perhaps come along with a parent or guardian so they can get answers to any questions they have too. 

If while reviewing your notes after the event, you suddenly think of a burning question, then don’t hesitate to get back in touch with SAE. Contact the admissions department and they should be able to deal with your query: 

Audio Production student George Burns said: “All the staff were really helpful, warm and knowledgeable and had no problems answering any questions or concerns that I might've had. I was already confident that SAE was the place for me to study and the open day only made me more excited for my next two years as an SAE student.” 

The people around you at an Open Event are interested in the same creative pursuits as you, otherwise, they wouldn’t be there! So why not get chatting to them? You never know, you might end up making friends before you’ve accepted your place and enrolled at SAE. 

You can also get a feel for the surrounding area. Maybe grab a bite to eat before the event and walk around and see if you could envision yourself living in the city. Oxford, London, Liverpool and Glasgow are all vibrant cultural hubs where the arts are thriving, so there are lots of things to do - from live music and theatre events, to places to eat and drink, you’ll never be bored. 

It’s important to think carefully about what your expectations are from the university experience and to make your selection based on the right combination of academic and non-academic factors. Our friendly staff and students are happy to make your all-important decision that much easier. 

Richard Peirson, Campus Director at SAE Oxford said: “Our talented teaching staff nurture students on their learning journeys from their very first open event, up to and even after they graduate from SAE. The hands-on, practical teaching methods combine with our great facilities in an impressive campus building to create a learning experience like no other.”  

We hope to see you soon! If you can’t make the January Open Events, click here to see future dates. 

Register for the Open Event at SAE Oxford on 22 January here.

Register for the Open Event at SAE London on 23 January here.

Register for the Open Event at SAE Liverpool on 23 January here

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