AMP sets to rock the audio world

06 Oct 2015
AMP sets to rock the audio world

Newly released app All-things Music Production (AMP) is set to refine the audio industry’s love of content.

Obi-Okoye Dozie first thought of the idea for the app when he was studying for his final project for his degree in audio engineering at the world leading SAE Institute Glasgow’s campus. He found that he was growing frustrated with the time wasted searching through reams of articles online to search for specific niché areas of audio content and running the risk of good relevant articles being lost in the mix of it all. Eager to rectify this situation and seeing a gap in the market for a content sourcing app akin to the likes of Bloglovin’ but not one solely for audio, Obi teamed up with coding wizard and now business partner Jonas Boateng to create and launch AMP. One year later and now audiophiles the world over can relax and read all articles pertaining to their specific areas of interest.

The app works on the basis that you can save hours of lost time surfing the web and instead get straight to the part that floats your boat within nano seconds as the app curates the articles in the genre that you’ve chosen to focus on. Slick design and easy to get going the audio industry and enthusiasts should take to it like a duck to water.

Director Obi Dozie says:

"There’s such a wealth of relevant editorial content out there and now it’s all held and updated in one easy place. No more hours lost searching for articles, and more time to geek out on what we love. I feel it will benefit people in our industry greatly. It’s a news flash of content. There are apps like this for other genres of content, just not for audio."

Moving forwards the app will continue to offer the free version for all users with an upgrade to a minimal fee pro version which offers a deeper categorisation of articles will be available for a nominal amount. AMP is available on andriod and ios. For further information see