Alt-Romantic Films To Watch on the Day of Love

14 Feb 2017

Over Singles Awareness Day? Sometimes shortened to S.A.D. Us too. So put on The Smiths, crack open that Ben & Jerry’s and browse our top anti-Valentine’s Day flicks to indulge all those emo feels.



500 Days of Summer

“This is a story of boy meets girl. But you should known in advance, this is not a love story,” intonates the classic “movie-man” voice at the start of the film. And while peculiar it may seem that someone couldn’t fall for the infallible Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this cult indie flick remains a painful look at unrequited love with a stunning soundtrack.



The Loved Ones

For a Valentine’s Day with vengeance, we recommend this teen slasher. Described by many as the best Australian horror flick since Wolf Creek, The Loved Ones centres around a young girl called Lola who concocts a wild revenge plan after she gets rejected from prom.




Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind

It's one thing to wash that man right outta your hair, and another to erase him from your mind. Exploring the side of love which often gets overlooked - the bickering, the boredom, the bad habits the drive you to the edge - Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind envisions what life would be like if we could obliterate painful memories. An unapologetically twisted tale, this is a must-see.





If you’re an eternal romantic, who also likes a bit of horror/sci-fi/monster action, then we recommend Spring. Based on the romance between an American tourist who absconds to Italy before becoming entranced by a local girl, this film explores the predator/prey mould to a new level.





Call us biased, but as digital experts we’re pretty big fans of Her, where artificial intelligence gets a leading role in romance. Set in a believable, nearby future, this film tells the tale of a former journalist who is commissioned by his new firm to write touching, thoughtful letters to other people. As the story develops, the main character played by Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his operating systems (yes, cue the Siri jokes) in this warm and witty film.




Lars and the Real Girl

Not your typical Ryan Gosling rom com, Lars and the Real Girl is a sweet and humorous story about socially inept young man who falls in love with a life sized doll. Not surprisingly, Lar’s family think he’s nuts but play along with it anyway, revealing the healing powers of quirk and the beauty of instinctive kindness.





"Flawlessly lucid"; " psychologically dense"; "a brutal look at love and relationships." Those were some of the phrases used to describe Closer when it premiered back in 2004, earning Natalie Portman her first Oscar nomination. The film chronicles the love life of four Londoners who no doubt deserve each other with their casual betrayals and unremitting cruelty to one another.



What are your favourite delightfully bleak romance films?