“Work hard, love your job”: SAE Audio alumni and Grammy Award-winner tells us about his career

19 Nov 2018

"Work hard, love your job."

- Jacek Gawłowski



Not only is this important advice from a former SAE Audio student, but an established Grammy Award-winning Sound Engineer too.

Back in 1994, Jacek Gawłowski was 22 years old and had just completed the Audio degree at SAE London. Fast forward to 2018, and Jacek is now a true professional in his field. Over the past 25 years, Jacek has worked across all possible genres, having mastered over 3,000 records and mixed hundreds, many of which have gone on to be gold and platinum-selling releases. One particular mixing project of his won the Grammy Award in the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album category in 2013.

A year after winning his Grammy Award, Jacek was featured on the cover of Resolution Magazine (pictured below).

Continuing his career as both a Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Jacek now owns his own studio in his home nation of Poland called JG Masterlab, from which he has worked with a selection of high profile Polish clients.  

“It all started when I was 10,” Jacek tells us. His passion for music began when he learnt to play guitar and the piano as a child, while also listening to a lot of classical music in the early eighties.

Then, as a young adult, he decided to move to London to study Audio at SAE.

“It was the best equipped school in the UK at that time. We had a Neve desk and early Pro Tools rigs at our disposal. On top of that it was still the most affordable education place you could find in Europe.”

Noting that he was one of the best performing graduates in both the theory and practical exams in his 1994 cohort, Jacek has fond memories of his time at SAE.

“The SAE studies helped me to understand how recording studios work and how to get around musicians and operate studio gear. I also achieved a basic understanding of physics and math in audio.”

A year after graduating, Jacek then went on to study a 3 month short course that was on offer at SAE London at the time - Production Course & Pro Tools.

“The course was available only for selected SAE students at the time. Among lecturers were producer Tony Levine (Culture Club), a movie score writer David Arnold (Godzilla, Stargate, Independence Day) and Alan Parsons from The Alan Parsons Project, also an engineer on The Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd.”

Now a successful practitioner in the industry, Jacek has worked on many successful projects and his love of audio has clearly never wavered. Next up for him is a mixing project for a Christmas jazz record with full orchestra, band, jazz trio and vocalist Freddie Cole.

He tells us that the best thing about his job is the passion.

“Passion is the answer. Always has been and always will be!”