Welcome SAE Freshers 2017

11 Sep 2017

SAE welcomed new students across the UK last week at our London, Liverpool, Oxford and Glasgow campuses celebrating the occasion with a range of fun creative media activities and ice breakers. 

Students travelled from all over the UK and the world including the United States, Belgium and South Africa to embark on their creative media journeys. 

After a welcome from Campus Managers, students participated in fun challenges, including a pin the movie quote on the poster game, a time capsule video interview to declare their career aspirations and various hands-on practical workshops. 

In the evening, students met a number of creative industry professionals who visited the campus to demo kit and offer advice. Companies included Audient, motion capture animation company Xsens and global video game creator Rebellion

SAE London Audio Production student Vincent Summers outlined what he would like to get out of the SAE experience:

"I would like to advance my production and mixing skills so I can work in a range of areas in the audio industry. After graduation I will either continue running my own recording studio or set up a record label."

London student Danny has started on the Web Development programme and commented:

"I am keen to create a network and meet like-minded people. After graduation I would like to start my own development business."

Students will now embark on their 2 year programmes and eventually will join a network of over 10,000 alumni across the globe. 

We wish all of our 2017 Freshers a successful and enjoyable first trimester and look forward to shouting about their amazing work. 

Check out our SAE Freshers highlights video below:

*Photos taken by SAE Oxford student Chris Cosby