Top reasons to pursue a creative career in the UK

15 Aug 2016

If you’ve got an eye for creativity, then you’ve got a skill that is highly valuable. Here’s our top reasons why tapping into that innate talent, can set you off onto the path of a long and lucrative career.

  1. Creativity is needed
    With more smartphones on the planet than people, the world has entered a new digital age where creativity is the new currency. That’s why Forbes Magazine listed it as the number one attribute to address 21st century business challenges. It also credits much of Apple’s and Google’s success to creative talent.
  2. Figures reveal employment boom
    New government figures show the UK’s creative industries are having a boom in employment and exports. Since 2011, the number of jobs in the sector has risen by nearly 20% (nearly triple the rate of the UK economy as a whole) and now account for 1.9 million jobs.
  3. The industry values diversity
    Culture secretary John Whittingdale has called the industry “one of the UK’s greatest success stories” with diversity also outstripping the wider job market. The number of black, Asian and ethnic minority workers in the sector has risen by almost 44 per cent since 2011.
  4. The opportunities are endless
    Whilst we can’t personally guarantee awards for every student’s work, many of our alumni go on to be leading figures in the audio, film, games, web and animation industries. Due to our hands-on approach to learning and industry connections, we have an impressive lineup of Oscar, Grammy and BAFTA winning alumni.

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