Top 8 apps to make A-levels a little easier

19 Apr 2017

Technology. It’s made life a lot simpler. We can talk to our friends with just the touch of a finger, pay using a single tap of a plastic card, even be directed home using the soothing voice of Siri. But with Netflix and Facebook constantly flooding our screens, it can be difficult to remain focussed during peak exam season. To help you get back on course, here are eight apps we recommend.

Launched by George Burgess at the age of just 17, Gojimo is the revision app of all revision apps. With over 180, 000 GCSE to A-level quizzes, this app should keep you busy for a while.

SQA My Study Plan
Plug in your exam timetable and My Study Plan will map out your own schedule, which you can customise and share as a printable calendar.  

If you find yourself slipping into the Facebook sinkhole then try SelfControl (for Mac) and ColdTurkey (for Windows). These handy apps will help you block sites so you can go from procrastination to productive state-of-mind.

Referencing — the bane of every student’s life. Luckily there’s RefMe. Not only is this site a breeze to use, but allows you to create and manage citations in seconds - saving time and marks.  

There’s to-do lists, and there’s to-do lists done right – Todoist falls into the latter category. Not only does it look good, but you can organise tasks into projects and sub-projects, add deadlines and prioritise them.

If mind mapping matches your workflow (try it) then this little creation will lead you in the right direction. Used by the clever people at Disney, NASA and Microsoft it’s sure to bring out your creative genius.

Described as the king of note taking apps, Evernote allows you to take photos, craft notes, make lists, and record voice reminders, all of which you can sync across multiple devices.