Superclaims hits Amazon Prime

27 Jul 2017

An Oxford-based film crew, featuring SAE staff, students and alumni, have had the pilot of their new series featured on Amazon Prime.

Released last week, Superclaims follows the absurd antics of a modern day insurance business who specialise in covering superheroes.  

“We kind of wanted to mix the most fun thing you could be, a superhero, with the most boring job in the world, insurance agents - sorry to any insurance agents out there,” explained director Govind Chandran.

“We thought it would be a nice juxtaposition between the two. So it’s really about the people who have to deal with the fallout of what superheroes actually do.”

Over 400 people responded to the low-budget production call-out which was heavily influenced by American sitcoms The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

“Part of the premise was to keep it low budget, and it was very much inspired by the TV series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia who shot their first series for under $200,” Govind continued.

“We were incredibly lucky to have access to a RED Dragon camera which was used on huge blockbusters such as Transformers and was versatile enough to give us that documentary fly on the wall look.”

After over a year of hard work, Production Manager and SAE Film Lecturer Patrick Watremez said it was an incredibly surreal moment to see the workplace comedy premiere on Amazon Prime.

“Especially because sometimes you’ll log on to Amazon and you’ll see The Grand Tour and you’ll see what we’ve done next to it. Then the next day, it might be something different.”

They’re now hoping Superclaims will take off and spark public interest and support.  

“Now that the pilot episode is out, it’s up to the public to tell us if they enjoyed it or not. Hopefully they did and then if there is enough viewership and enough good feedback, then we’ll be able to approach investors to fund more episodes,” said Govind.

Watch Superclaims on Amazon Prime now.