Sharing your creative work just got so much easier

21 Mar 2016

SAE Institute spends five minutes with Chad Jennings, VP of Product at down the road in Shoreditch to chat about Paper+ and how it can benefit every single creative person on the planet. Yes the planet. Intrigued? Keep reading…


What specifically made you diversify?

Paper is of course our world and main product but we looked at our customers to find out that of course 90% of their communications and customer journey is online. Of course we want to enrich that experience and become an essential part of it. Paper+ was borne from this necessity.


So how does it work?

The user can upload their content to our specific site and can update the card with any data of their choice. This data can then be updated at any time - so for example, you could hand over one card to a prospective client and update it from wherever your internet connection is, with new tracks every month. The options are endless and it creates an ongoing scenario of engaging content with people as opposed to a flat piece of information.


How has this been received in the creative world?

Insanely well. People have told us how they’ve used them instead of expensive USB sticks or cumbersome CD’s, but we’ve also see how it’s made art interactive.


"Sharing your showreel, portfolio or SoundCloud is a massive consideration for any creative person looking for work, and keeping it updated and fresh is always an ongoing concern. Or it was… now it’s simple thanks to Moo’s Paper+"


How so?

Well a group of cards placed together can connect with links to the audience viewing it. SCOPE Miami Beach 2015 was the first place this was seen. Incredible.


Tricky to engineer?

We’ve taken two years in prototyping and re-prototyping NFC technology to live inside the card

with the Moo brand of quality and sustainability, price point and design guaranteed, and we’re super happy with it.

To all intents and purposes it looks like a normal card when you hand it over and this was the bug bear that we worked solidly testing thousands, maybe even millions of samples by the end of it.

Traditional NFC technology works in other products but when in paper it can be bent out of shape rendering it useless to the user. So you naturally think, ok let’s place it in firmer card the, but of course the second you start doing that, the compression from the printers is too strong and breaks the piece of technology this way. Or it gets too hot and renders the data useless as it’s unable to be transferred…

Pop along to our store in Boxpark, feel the texture of the print quality and see the cards in action for yourself… then get creative.