SAE students launch new VR game

20 Jun 2017

To capitalise on the growing virtual reality industry, set to reach $75 billion by 2021, two SAE students have teamed up to form their own digital company and will be releasing their first VR game next month.

Mark Pilborough-Skinner and Daniel Aspinwall created Iron Wheel Studios after meeting at SAE London.

Mark, who is in his final year of Games Programming, developed a horror-style virtual reality experience for his advanced coursework. 

He had planned to release the product on Steam, however things changed when he met Daniel, his current business partner and  SAE Web Development student.

“Following a talk conducted by Epic Games at SAE London, Mark and I discussed the possibility of entering a partnership that would be beneficial for him releasing his product, as my background lies primarily in marketing and web,” Daniel told SAE.

The duo have since hired a 3D artist and animator to assist with the overall aesthetic of the game, which is scheduled to be released to the public on July 10.

They’re hoping the debut product will help establish their studio as a foremost player in the VR games community.

“After substantial research, the bottom 10% of virtual reality games of a similar stature to ours sell 1000 units - we aim to double this,” Daniel relayed.

“We’re also currently in talks with a VR and gadget store in Brick Lane who will be demoing our product.”

The two are also hoping to promote their product at other London locations, as hype for the release builds.