SAE Student wins at national AES competition

31 Mar 2017

An SAE student has been awarded second place in the Audio Engineering Society’s student poster competition.

London Audio Production student Axel Drioli took home the silver prize at the 2017 Up Your Output! conference, after entering a design to promote his latest work..

“The poster showed the various steps it took me to create the concept, development and production of Eridanus, a 3D Audio Movie,” Axel explained.

“Eridanus is a mix between movie, audio book and radio drama, written and directed by Kristoffer Bübeck, told only through sound. Imagine going to a cinema, but without the screen. The audience will be placed in a pitch black environment and surrounded by 28 speakers,” he continued.

Having already received sponsorship and support from KEF Audio and 12th Battalion Productions, the talented student and VR post-production freelancer is now looking for further investment to bring Eridanus to the next stage.

“I’d like to see it tour globally, to make people realise how important and powerful sound is for storytelling.”

Axel added he was excited to receive the academic award, describing Eridanus as a project he cared deeply for.

“The Audio Engineering Society is an exciting and vibrant association, being able to achieve this in front of lecturers and fellow students is something I am never gonna forget. This makes me want to keep developing Eridanus to share with a broader audience.”

Follow Axel on his journey by visiting or book an advanced listening session at