SAE student mixes it with international DJ

11 Oct 2016

Photos by Ryan Dinham Photography

SAE Institute is used to producing Grammy award-winning artists and regular DJ’s on the Ibiza circuit, and it looks like first-year James Treherne could soon be joining the ranks.

The Liverpool student was recently offered an all expenses paid trip to London to play at one of the most popular multi-functional arenas and nightclubs worldwide, Egg.

James said the exclusive opportunity came about when his work was picked up by a music promoter:

“He heard my DJ mixes from when I played in the Bestival DJ finals last year. From this he put me into contact with his friend who runs a night called the 'Eighth Road' at Egg in London.

“I sent him some promo mixes and he decided to book me.”

Egg often sees a vast array of international DJ superstars grace its exposed brick walls, and the night James Treherne performed was no different.

“Three days before the event, we were told that the legendary club night “Cocoon” would be playing in the Main Room with Sven VATH headlining.

“Because of this we were playing the Terrace Room in Egg, which personally is my favourite and in the summer is classed as the Main Room.”

“It was such a great experience to play to people who enjoyed techno and real house music.”

“It was also great to see a room fill up as I was playing my set.”

While the promising DJ has only just commenced his studies, he hopes his time at SAE will consolidate his style as he releases tracks to house and techno labels.

Speaking about SAE, he added:

“They are giving me the knowledge that I need to better my music production which I hope will lead to some bookings once I start to release tracks.”