SAE gets sound advice from recording legend

10 Mar 2017

As a multi-platinum selling producer and mixer who has worked with U2, PlaceboHappy Mondays, and KT Tunstall, we knew it was a fantastic coup when Steve Osborne agreed to deliver a guest talk at SAE London.

Inspiring and insightful, the famed producer spoke openly this week about how he gets artists onto the Radio 2 A-list. Steve has been remixing Gregory Porter’s singles for the past three years, with his most recent album making the UK’s Top 5 Albums Charts (the first jazz album in the last five years to do so).

As expected, SAE’s lecture theatre was brimming with excitement and the crowd came ready with questions:

“I really enjoyed engaging with attendees and the interaction during the whole session. They asked really intelligent questions,’’ Steve told SAE.

And it seems students were also impressed with the sound bites of advice Steve provided:

“I liked the relatability of the lecture and the relaxed feel,” said SAE Audio student, Chloe Smithyes.

“It was interesting hearing how a producer approaches his job. It would be great to hear that as well from different producers in different genres” added attendee Piero Giuliani.

Steve’s Masterclass was the sort of event SAE prides itself on, where students get real-world industry connections.

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