SAE Film supervisor delivers the FACTS

26 Jun 2017

SAE Digital Film Supervisor Chris Berry, recently presented a guest talk at the North-West Filmmakers’ event for FACT - the UK's leading organisation for the support & exhibition of film.  

Chris spoke to a range of beginner and advanced filmmakers about post production workflows, collaborating with additional editors and working with colourists.

“I also discussed the benefits of film school versus just learning out in the wild,” Chris told SAE.

“I personally chose the route to study because I believe it's the best way to ensure you get a broad coverage of all the areas and skills involved with filmmaking. I was self taught prior to studying at SAE and I had a lot of gaps in my knowledge.”

Chris, who has a Honours degree in Film and is actively engaged in the Liverpool creative community, believes the best way to get started in film is to go out and “just do it.”

“You don't need to have shot a hundred feature length films, as long as you're out there making your shorts, you're going to grow and develop.”

He also believes it is SAE’s hands-on, practical approach to the art which sees so many of our graduates succeed.

“We guide you through project after project, by the end of your first year you'll already have a small collection of films which you can reflect on to see how well you've progressed. A lot of other courses tend to be very heavily theory based with little practical application. We pride ourselves on our project based learning which for a discipline such as filmmaking, for me, is the only true way to learn and develop.”