SAE film students produce Lagos to London music video

09 Dec 2016

SAE’s London and Cape Town students have united to produce GidiJand, a music recording project for the British Council’s UK/Nigeria 2016 art season. Working with some of Nigeria's best loved and emerging artists, the project involved turning the streets of Lagos into a recording studio and capturing it on film. The ambitious project then culminated with a live Afro-pop performance at Hoxton Hall, filmed by SAE London students.

“The best part about this project for me was working in an interesting venue filled with even more interesting people whose work, up until that point, I had never heard before. It truly opened my eyes to their world and their talent truly amazed me which made it even more fun to film,” said SAE student and camera operator Rohum Pourtahmasbi.

London’s Anne Marie Rützou Bruntse also formed part of the UK production team.

“I was primarily the editor, but I also sourced the audio recordist and mixer for the London part of the project. Sam and Yemi, the two guys behind the project, gave me free rein in terms of structure and angle of the five minute video. They wanted me to look through the ten days worth of footage already shot in Lagos and put together my version of the story,” said Anne Marie.