SAE acquires new Vive headsets

04 Jul 2017

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, haptic feedback; there’s no denying technologically-facilitated immersion is flooding the market. To ensure our students are staying on top of the latest trends, SAE London have stocked up new HTC Vive headsets and Alienware desktop PCs.

Described as a powerful tool to “wash away the real world with fantastical experiences,” SAE Games and Web Programme Coordinator Andrea Martina, believes the new Vive technology will put students ahead of the curve when creating interactive content.

“VR is penetrating all aspects of the creative industries, and we want to help enhance our students’ self-confidence in this field. That's why we have bought the HTC Vive; students can now develop and test VR projects here in the Games Room and increase their knowledge and understanding by trialling them.”

Dr Martina said SAE’s Games Programming and Art courses have also recently had their modules updated to ensure students are ready for the expansive tech industry.

“Students are now undertaking VR projects, and this involves not only making games, but also conducting scientific research about consumer usability and engagement.”

Early next week, two SAE students will officially launch their first VR game to the public after much time trialling their product and performing market research.