Pokémon GO and the mobile gaming industry

01 Mar 2017

It’s the fastest app to ever reach $1bn in revenue, and given the game industry’s explosive growth, it’s unsurprising that Ninantic’s Pokémon GO has taken out the title.

Just shy of seven months since its initial release, Pokémon GO has racked up an impressive amount of high scores. Not only did it bring in the most money, but was the most downloaded iOS app for 2016 and the most searched term on Google.

While revenue has dwindled since late July, when it was bringing in $18 million dollars a day, its creators believe there is still time to leave the $1 billion mark behind through in-game events.

Just like movies are developed and promoted around calendar days (think of all those Christmas and horror Halloween flicks), Pokémon GO developers recently launched their own Valentine’s Day event in a bid to lure love players.

Head of Web and Games Programming, Andrea Martina, said it is this type of creative production SAE students are learning.

“After studying the essentials of web and games, students currently have the option to undertake elective modules in creative production and mobile app design. They use established middleware to design and manager their own apps, which students then market and distribute. It’s a fantastic skill set to have. Particularly, in today’s interconnected world where there are more mobiles than humans,“ said Andrea.

The global games industry raked in $100 bn last year, with mobile gaming bringing in around $37 bn.