NVOY share their top tips

07 Apr 2017

That weekend feeling. We have it, you have it, and to round off the working week on a high note we thought we’d share NVOY’s top career success tips. The Oxford Audio graduates have been getting a lot of airtime on Radio One lately, with their new music proving they’ve got the golden touch.

“It all comes down to how passionate you are about your work, how hard you work and how determined you are to succeed."

1. Enforce standards

Be critical to maintain standards. Be adamant over what you release - you’re only as good as your last track and with each one you should aim to get better and better in a different way. Of course it’s an age old problem whereby artists are renowned for being overly critical to the point where they put off releasing something and if you’re in danger of doing that then you need to ask a few people you trust, to step in and have a listen and give constructive feedback.

2. Be social

Soundcloud is essential. Get your tracks up there but be aware that it’s by no means all you need. Be active across all social media - but do it in a planned way. Regularly update your Facebook and Twitter pages and don’t neglect YouTube or Reddit. Really think about your name and display your content in a way that reflects what you’re trying to achieve.

Whilst people may never find you on there, you can’t leave anything to chance. Accept that people are not just going to come to you. Do your research on which bands, societies, clubs and people to follow and start engaging with them. Give yourself a voice, which leads on to our next point nicely...

3. Bloggers are the best

Radio play is phenomenal but we believe wholeheartedly that one of the main ways that our music ‘got out there’ is via blogs, and you shouldn’t ignore them. We spent a lot of time getting in touch with bloggers that we like and asked for their opinion on our tracks and we’ve seen a lot of love come back. I think for us it’s been the bloggers that have shared our story and tracks that has really boosted people’s curiosity and knowledge about us.

4. Be positive

Stay adamant that you’re going to reach your goals. We don’t ever let ourselves doubt that things are going to go big for us and that keeps us in a positive frame of mind, and of course when you’re happy the ideas just flow.

5. Be proactive and say yes a lot

If you want to be big then you need to put yourself out there in a big way - we’re constantly saying yes to any gig big or small to get known. The positive vibes coming back from the people on the dance floor are amazing and re-energise our goals so that we keep pushing forward and never give up.