Mark Ronson’s studio engineer Ricky Damian returns to SAE Institute

09 Oct 2015
Mark Ronson’s studio engineer Ricky Damien returns to SAE Institute

A call came down the line to ex-SAE lecturer Carlos Lellis asking if he could recommend any new talent for a very special and specific job role.

After spending all of his free hours in the studio and working hard to gain as much experience and knowledge of the systems as he could, Ricky Damien instantly sprung to the forefront of the lecturer’s mind and he was recommended wholeheartedly. On passing the initiation period Ricky was offered his dream job as Studio Engineer, his first task being the envy of many: working with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars on the now legendary title Uptown Funk for which he achieved his first credits.

Switching so fast into his dream career straight from study meant learning on his feet about how the industry worked, and fast. Pulling all nighters, reading the musician’s body language in order to keep them inspired, meeting tight deadlines whilst always having a plan a, b and c on the sound equipment and options available to keep produce work of the standard expected. Ricky will be sharing his story, passions and life after SAE Institute working for one of the world’s most prolific producers. Come and channel his energy and inspiration.

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