London campus welcomes Headway charity to the studios

22 Jun 2016
Audio studios

A group of audio enthusiasts from locally based charity Headway popped in for a workshop in our London Bankstock Studios.

Headway is a charity focusing on offering support, rehabilitation and comfort to people who have suffered a brain trauma. A high number of people in the UK suffer from head injuries every year. Headway’s ethos is to join together as a group to retrain the mind and open it to new possibilities,  often via stimulation from the arts.

Music plays a key role within the group as it opens the mind to new forms of stimulation after trauma. SAE London were delighted to share a day with fellow audiophiles, sharing insider tricks to explain how the music we hear every day is formed.

Wasting no time, everyone entered the studios where they followed the recording process from start to finish. Beginning in the Live Room, they then explored the Drum Room ending in the G+ 4000 Studio. Here, everyone was challenged to listen to a demo before being taught how to mix and edit the sound from it.

Bryn Davies, Co-ordinator from the Hackney based charity, said:

"It was fascinating to see what goes into making the music we love. The tour really made us think about the amazing things our brains do when they process sound. Many thanks to everyone at the SAE for a terrific day."

Thanks for popping in and sharing a day with us.


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