Halo Wars 2 sound designer inspires Oxford students

02 Mar 2017

After wrapping up work on Halo Wars 2, alumnus Rob Kidd dropped into SAE Oxford today to deliver a special guest lecture on interactive sound.

Aside from his work on the AAA game, Rob is also the director of Hammer & Spark Audio Production listing BMW, Mastercard and Canterbury as clients.

Speaking to SAE, Rob said it was great to be back in Oxford where he honed his post-production skills.

“Today I’m taking SAE students through an introduction to game audio looking at basic design and implementation.”

“But my main aim is to inspire to them, to light that fire in them, to want to go out and pursue their passion.”

Earlier this year, Rob took out the SAE Alumni Award for Best Audio Production after he was commissioned by Thorpe Park to work on the Derren Brown’s Ghost Train trailer.

In today’s talk, he encouraged students to start building their own sound library by getting out of the studio and recording every chance they have.

He also spoke of the importance of paying close attention to transients when designing sound for immersive environments.