Get your Comic Con - on

06 May 2016

It’s true we’re addicted. Comic Con is a core date in the SAE calendar, all other engagements are scheduled around it. But what is it about the phenomenon that brings millions of people around the globe together?

SAE film student Chris Berry attended the MCM Comic Con Liverpool show last year and created a short film showcasing the variety of costumes. Thanks to his natural flair for composition, it was received with top praise by none other that Bryan Cooney Managing Director of MCM Comic Con. He immediately invited Chris back this year to shoot a full length feature documentary.

Chris has journeyed across the UK to track the lives of two devout Comic Con-goers as they painstakingly prepare their outfits for this year’s Liverpool show, as well as filming the event itself.

Soon to be premiered at MCM Comic Con, London in May, we’ve just received the trailer from Chris.

TIP: practising your art form in your spare time creates incredible opportunities.

See the full length feature as it’s played at this year’s London Comic Con event, see for more details.

We’ll be back with a full length interview with Chris after the premiere.

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