EMP and Audio graduate takes UK music scene by storm

25 Aug 2016

When Iranian-born Sina Hamidi moved to London in 2011, he had no idea that in just two short years he would be working for the UK’s most influential underground music station.

Hugely driven with a passion for clean, quantised electronic music, Sina enrolled in SAE’s EMP course, and has been mixing it with industry heavyweights since.

Commenting on his experience, Sina said:

“Studying at SAE was one of the best experience of my life. Before it I was applying and applying for jobs, but nothing. As soon as I finished the course, I got a job with Rinse FM working with amazing DJs, artists and presenters.”

Starting off as an edgy pirate station in East London, Rinse FM has dominated the UK’s airwaves for over a decade, uncovering Grime artists such as Dizzee Rascal and Wiley.

Sina added:

“I’ve been fortunate to meet a few big names in the industry. When I was younger I always wanted to be a DJ myself, but moving to the UK and working in one of the most diverse electronic music radio stations made me realise that there were many career options available.”

With a newfound direction to work as a highly-skilled technical engineer, Sina enrolled in SAE’s Bachelor of Audio.

After graduating earlier this year, the talented alumnus was hired by futurist artist Ash Koosha, who’s recently been touted in Rolling Stone, Dazed, FACT and Pitchfork.

The two are currently working on a new collaboration, but Sina remains tight-lipped about the finer details.

“Yeah I’m working as a live sound engineer on various projects, which you will hear more about in the future.”