Creative students spill onto SAE campuses for Orientation festivities

12 Sep 2016

SAE campuses across the UK were a hive of activity the past week, as hundreds of students descended on London, Liverpool, Oxford and Glasgow for Orientation Week activities. 

First-year student Arron Dow said the feelings of excitement and nervousness washed over him, as he took his first steps to pursuing his dream career as a film director. 

Arron said:

"It was a mixture of both, I didn’t know what to expect. I'd applied to so many places, but something about SAE really stood out to me." 

And it wasn’t long before the budding creative felt right at home. 

"It’s a really relaxed atmosphere. Really welcoming and that’s not something I’ve really experienced before."

"There is something about this place, maybe it’s the facilities. But you want to get started straight away." 

Students across all campuses were welcomed with speed dating icebreakers, staff introductions, campus tours and the chance to try our industry-standard equipment.

For many students, the chance to become resident DJs for the day at our own global radio station was a clear highlight of induction. 

"I absolutely loved it!" said first-year Audio student Lauren Barber, after trying out the decks. 

Her creative classmate Rebecca Mugford also added:

"It's quite cool, the fact that it's an actual radio station that we have access to."

SAE UK General Manager Olivia McLaughlin welcomed the new students today and encouraged them to take full advantage of their time at the leading institute. 

Ms McLaughlin said:

"I am delighted to welcome our new students to SAE Institute. Orientation week marks the beginning of a new creative chapter of their lives. Over the next two years, students will be connected with some of the most respected professional media practitioners in their field.”

“They will also meet inspirational peers who will become part of their creative journey, both now and in the future.” 

"There will be times where it seems challenging, but I encourage students to push themselves - even if it seems daunting - and seek advice from our expert mentors, and they will be rewarded both professionally and personally."