BFMV star thrills Audio and Music Business students

24 Mar 2017

He’s been all over the world touring with Bullet For My Valentine, but this week Jason Bowld touched down at SAE to deliver a special guest talk.

Addressing Music Business and Audio students, the talented drummer relayed tips and advice from his long music career, which has seen him work with producers Colin Richardson and Steve Fitzmaurice.  

“Visiting SAE was an absolute pleasure mainly because of the professionalism of not only the tutors, but also the students,” said Jason.

“I realised this after setting my drumkit up and immediately being surrounded by 8 or 9 potential sound engineers all questioning mic positions. I was indeed happy to pass on my knowledge from over 20 years experience of recording and sound design but to also play two drum clinics to students of differing vocations, who soaked it up gladly and with enthusiasm.

“I responded with a talk detailing the high points and pitfalls of my career so far, which completed the picture for them.”

Second-year Music Business student Kayode Komolafe said the industry talk was extremely informative.

“The session was flawlessly executed, and engaging."

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