BFI London Film Festival: The cream of cinema's crop

06 Oct 2016

With the 60th BFI London Film Festival kicking off, film fanatic and SAE student Kris Bubeck will be taking over our news feed to bring you the latest cinema buzz. 

While it'll be no easy feat, Kris will whittle down the extensive programme and give you his picks, top tips and thoughts on this year's most-talked about films.


Location: Southbank, London

And lets begin!

So for those of you who might not be aware and for those of you, who might be stuck under a very large rock! The BFI London Film Festival kicked off today, with 245 features across 14 cinemas in 12 days.  Every genre you can imagine, from comedy, horror and thriller to name a few. To experimental, feature and short –there is literally something for everyone!
And I’ll be blogging the event, keeping you up to date, with what’s on, what’s happening and where you can find more information.

So what else is happening there – besides films?

There’s famous guest speakers, most notably (questionably) Paul Verhoeven, who, depending on your filmic tastes might be better remembered for Showgirls or Total Recall, I’m not judging the man. I personally feel, that Showgirls showed a greater acting range than Total Recall but that’s a story for another day. Perhaps documentaries are more your thing and if that’s the case you may want to check out, David Lynch – The Art Life, narrated by the man himself. But you need to move fast tickets are now only available for Monday 10th October.

And besides sci-fi/thriller and surrealist directors – is there anything else?

Got you covered there, it’s not just films, actors and directors on display at the BFI. They have industry events, where important people talk about important film stuff. I know I’m a poet, I quite often get told I use too many flowery words! But on a serious note, leading figures in the industry will be discussing the film landscape in the UK with, “Business as usual: the UK after the EU Referendum,” as well as a look to the future in, “A Filmmakers Guide to Virtual Reality,” both of which I’ll be attending – so I’ll keep you updated.

And for the more musically orientated people out there, you could drop in on:

Liam Young & Forest Swords present In The Robot Skies - Saturday 8th October IMAX, Charlie Chaplin Walk @19:00-20:30.
“The first science fiction film to be shot entirely through autonomous pre-programed drones. In a performance especially constructed for IMAX, Young presents a near-future love story set against the fears and wonders of an impending drone age.”

Or you could even swing by and see Dj Yoda; Dj Yoda Goes to the Arcades: History of Gaming – Saturday 8th October 21:30-23:10 IMAX, 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, London SE1 8XR.
“A 90-minute culture clash of game music and original soundtracks, gameplay footage, old TV ads and new exclusive content, it will truly be an audiovisual spectacle for all.”

All in all a pretty varied and interesting festival this year, there’s plenty to immerse yourselves in from established filmmakers to filmmakers just breaking through – go get watching…

So that’s all from me for now, until the next time.

Au revoir, auf wiedersehen and arrivederci.