12 Jan 2016

48 hours to create a game – challenge extended… challenge accepted. Read sae institute’s top tips to ensure that you and your team finish your game in both time and style.

Be realistic – you only have 48 hours. Don’t run out of time!
Stay hydrated – intense pressure requires more and more water. Not just energy drinks.
Eat. Well. – let’s be honest, pizza is ok for one meal but the people who last out the challenge are kind to their brain cells and refresh their minds with good food to recharge their mind.
Rest - in shift patterns with your team. It’s worth working out who will be needed and at which points to enable each of you to get a few hours of sleep over the course of the jam.
Storyboard – your game. Having it listed or visually drawn out means that each member of your team is on the exact same page. This reduces the room for costly errors that could cause you to lose track of time fixing.

Essentials - make sure you’ve got good player controls, good in game editor, visual scoreboard if necessary and set up version control if you can to make sure your ideas aren’t lost part way through.

Believe – you have no time for self-doubt – concoct an idea, debate it within your team and then commit 100% to it.
Research – before the game jam starts really consider your engines for creating the game and know what you’re used to working with to speed up the process.
Be thorough – make sure you tick the story requirements for the end user, make it interesting! No one wants to play a dull game.

Colour palette - is it easy on the eye?
Stay focused – don’t waste time with tiny details, or spend more time on the artwork than on the testing
Sound proud – ensure you have good audio linked in to exemplify your creation.
Extra time? – if you have time on your hands to include references to tutorials, how to play, an intro or an area for player feedback and social sharing then definitely build it in

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