Nathan Flannery

Games Programming Lecturer
“Games allow you to experience places you could never go - the past, the future, or distant worlds.” ― Hideo Kojima, The Creative Gene.


Nathan James Flannery has 10+ years experience as a lecturer and teacher of games programming, games development, games design, interactive media, media & communications, film studies, and computer science.

Specialist areas of lecturing include indie game development, games design, games theory, film theory and advanced film criticism.

He has also been involved in indie game development and project management of apps and games, such augmented reality experiences for Android and iOS, and procedurally generated action games for Windows PC made in Unreal Engine 5.

Nathan is also an Instagram influencer and podcaster, working with games industry organisations, professionals, and personalities.

You can check out Nathan’s portfolio through his Linkedin here.



Nathan Flannery has completed the following qualifications:
BA Media and Communications Studies with Film Studies
MA Indie Game Development
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