Virtual DJ Masterclass with Education and Bass

    Using Serato DJ software we will look at how to mix records together. This session will cover the basics of beat matching, EQing, blending and transitions. We will also be covering how to use Rekordbox to organise and prepare your music for mixing, which will lead us on to some more advanced mixing techniques such as harmonic mixing and double drops as we progress through the masterclass.

    Education & Bass is the brainchild of Andrew Ferguson (Nomine aka Outrage). The whole concept started 4 years ago in clubs and bars where they took to the stage and provided people with live music production tips and feedback on their music. It was received so well that it led to Education & Bass becoming an online platform. Fast forward 4 years and Education & Bass is one of the leading online learning platforms for music technology and music business worldwide. They are music industry led by artists who have been, and still are very much active for a combined total of over 300 years in the music industry. They also come from academia. They have all angles covered in regards to educating and are very passionate about spreading the first hand knowledge that they have all acquired with just about anybody who will listen.