SAE Institute values the importance of the student voice and student feedback within the programme of study and always seeks to respond to student feedback in a positive and timely fashion.

The National Student Survey

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual survey distributed to final-year undergraduates across the UK to capture their feedback on their experience studying for their degree.


Congratulations to Stephanie McLeod who was randomly selected from all the SAE students who took part in the NSS to win an Amazon Alexa pod.

"I completed the NSS survey to give feedback to my institute to help future students with their experiences at SAE as well as giving recognition back to the staff who go that extra mile for their students.

I feel given student feedback is the most direct and convenient way to gain a true insight into a students journey. It is also a chance to be heard and express the experience of studying a condense course first-hand."

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate hearing about your learning experience at SAE!

Voting and the electoral register

Please think about registering to vote during your time at SAE. If you're British, or a Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland citizen you are entitled to register to vote in all elections in Britain. Citizens of European Union states are entitled to register to vote in local and European elections.

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in elections and referendums. To find out more click the link below.

Register to Vote

You Said, We Did 2018-19

At SAE, we are constantly striving to improve in order to provide the best possible student experience. That is why we care about our students' views and truly listen to their feedback. Below are the various comments from our students from all four campuses, and the actions we've taken in response.

If you do not feel that your feedback has been properly addressed, please contact the National Student Experience Manager via email at





Student Experience Officers

At each of our campuses, we have Student Experience Officers on hand to help you out if you have any questions, worries, or would simply like to have a chat.


Eddie Nwolie
Lead Student Experience Officer


Angela Nnamchi
Financial Student Experience Officer


Matthew Kibble
Academic Student Experience Officer


Debbie Stewart
Student Experience Officer


Kelsey Dee-Floyd
Financial Student Experience Officer


Alex Hannah
Academic Student Experience Officer


Tracey Bennett
Student Experience Officer


Lead Student Representatives

At each of our campuses, we have a Lead Student Representative.


Paul Ewing
Glasgow Lead Student Representative

Email Paul


Sam Mickan
London Lead Student Representative

Email Sam


Joe Punter
Liverpool Lead Student Representative

Email Joe


Aidan Whiting
Oxford Lead Student Representative

Email Aidan

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Student Voice at SAE Institute

Students can communicate their feedback about their study at SAE Institute through various channels:

  • By completing the induction feedback survey within the first month of study;
  • By completing the student feedback survey for each trimester of study;
  • Through monthly Student Representative meetings;
  • Via their elected Student Representative who attends Campus Board of Studies in week 7 of each trimester of study.

Student Representatives

SAE Institute operates a Student Representative system intended to promote communication between the student body and the Institute. The Student Representative group is made up of a team of students that normally consists of one elected Student Representative per cohort (class/intake) for each programme. It provides a forum for constructive debate and is intended to gauge student suggestions, with the aim of implementing effective measures to optimise the learning experience for current and future generations of students.

Board of Studies

Elected Student Representatives from each programme cohort attend their Campus Board of Studies during each trimester of study.

The purpose of the Board of Studies is to provide an effective forum for discussion between students and staff involved in all aspects relating to the academic experience of students in campus programmes with a more formal procedure than is normally the case with the fortnightly student representative meetings.

The membership includes:

  • Student Representatives for each programme
  • Academic Coordinator (Chair)
  • Dean UK
  • Student Experience Manager
  • Campus Manager
  • Academic staff aligned to the delivery of the programme or modules
  • Support services staff

The minutes of Board of Studies are included with the Annual Monitoring Reports that are submitted to Middlesex University for consideration.

Student Ambassadors

SAE Institute UK campuses offer Student Ambassador opportunities to students. Student Ambassadors have the opportunity to work with SAE staff at recruitment and industry engagement events.


SAE Institute provides multiple opportunities for students to participate in events on and off campus with industry, other organisations, students and staff from other organisations including SAE Alumni events. As part of induction we run a "Freshers’ Fair", on each campus with stalls from SAE Institute’s student support, careers and local organisations. We also support students in setting up clubs and societies.

Student Discounts

SAE Store

SAE Institute has developed close contacts in the industry over the years, with partner companies offering substantial discounts to students and alumni to help build their professional brand. Manufacturers of software and hardware products, trying to appeal directly to young professionals of all departments, jump at this opportunity and offer discounts of up to 50%. SAE Store offers are reserved for students and alumni of SAE Institute.

Link to SAE Store

Each campus also has negotiated discounts with local shops and restaurants. Please contact your local Campus Manager for a list of discounts. All you need is your SAE Institute student ID card.

Student engagement is proactively encouraged for the enhancement of learning and teaching and all other aspects of the student experience at SAE Institute.