SAE welcomes former FABRIC Nightclub Promotions Manager

14 Jul 2016

SAE London and Oxford was delighted to welcome music events expert Shaun Roberts to talk to Music Business students about his work at one of the world’s most renowned music venues in London. 

Since its inception in 1999, Shaun worked as the Promotions Manager and Head of A&R at the legendary London based nightclub FABRIC, with a strong focus on managing a range of high profile events. 

Shaun spoke about his experience in the music events industry and provided students with a detailed insight into areas such as:

  • Detailed accounting of annual budgets
  • Planning and liaising with the operational and technical teams
  • Creating a staffing schedule for events
  • Evaluating licensing requirements and health and safety guidelines
  • Working with communications team to assure adequate marketing, press and promotion strategies
  • Liaising with management, artists and agents

Music Business student Sarah Hancock commented:

“Huge thank you to Shaun Roberts for lecturing our music business students in London and Oxford over the past couple of weeks.

With 16 years experience running one of the UK’s most well known nightclubs, he was able to give us great insight into branding, project management and financial planning.”

Lee Erinmez, Music Business lecturer commented:

“Shaun encouraged students to think creatively in a saturated market and to expect the unexpected. The advice and insight offered during the sessions delivered was invaluable to the students and has been very beneficial to their current projects."