SAE UK coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

05 May 2021

SAE UK has COVID safety measures in place

The health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff continues to be our highest priority in light of COVID-19 restrictions in England and Scotland. 

Frequently asked questions are listed below and are updated as and when necessary, but if you have further questions or issues you would like to raise, please contact us:


Telephone: 03330-112-315

Book a 1:1 video call:


Will I be able to start my degree programme in September 2021?

Yes. SAE UK is actively recruiting for September 2021. Degree and diploma programmes will be available for September enrolment subject to the level of demand at our campuses in London, Liverpool, Oxford and Glasgow. 

Will I be able to access campus facilities?

The 21T1 May term commenced as planned on Tuesday 4th May 2021, with a mixture of online enrolment sessions and on-campus events. Students are currently able to access facilities and equipment if they are tested before visiting campus and follow our COVID-SAFE protocol while on site. 

Will I be taught face to face?

SAE has a blended approach to learning. This means that where possible, student learning will take place both on campus and online; both in scheduled sessions with lecturers, and with work for you to complete in your own time. We believe that a blended approach is the right approach to learning: 

  • Practical classes and some tutorials will be held on campus to ensure hands-on access to equipment
  • Online materials are available to help you learn at your own pace, any place 
  • Theory is delivered via online lectures to keep group sizes safe
  • You will have contact time with expert lecturers in small groups to apply your learning 

A blended learning approach also gives you as much access to our amazing facilities and equipment as possible, while also maintaining preparedness regarding COVID-19. Once you have been cleared to use studio equipment independently, you can book studio time and use the facilities such as PC/Mac Labs in and around timetabled lessons.

You will be given work to do online in advance of seminars/classes - this might include videos to watch/articles to read, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and from any place. It’s essential that you complete this work before class, or you might not be able to participate and will risk falling behind. All guided learning will be organised through the Campus Online portal, which you will be given access to and shown how to use as part of enrolment and induction.  

How has SAE reacted to coronavirus? 

SAE UK has rigorous COVID-SAFE plans in place at each campus and has responded promptly to changes in local guidance. Students are kept up to date with any changes in our approach via regular email communication, and are encouraged to discuss any concerns or personal circumstances with our dedicated Student Experience team.  

Face coverings and PPE

Our campuses can be busy places, so you may want to wear a face covering while you’re here, for times when social distancing isn’t possible. There are disposable face masks and gloves available on campus too. Face coverings are compulsory in enclosed studio areas and these will be supplied. 

How will coronavirus impact my application to study at SAE?

SAE UK is actively recruiting for all 2021 intakes, so despite the ongoing situation with COVID-19, you should still apply to kickstart your creative future with SAE!

We understand for many that exams may be affected in 2021 and you may be concerned about how this could impact your place on a higher education programme at SAE. Please don’t worry - we are making every effort to ensure you are not negatively impacted and we will be using maximum flexibility.

When should I apply for student finance?

Student Finance is accepting applications in the normal way, but the sooner you can get your finance sorted the better. Apply online at

Can I come onto campus for a tour?

Click here to book a campus tour. Alternatively, our virtual campus tours are available at

I have already applied. How will I be updated about my course and any changes?

SAE UK is making every reasonable effort to ensure there will be as little disruption as possible to the studies students joining in 2021, and we commit to keeping you informed via email if there are any material changes to the offer.