SAE Extra: Film and TV Music: Monetising through Creation and Sync. Panel Discussion with industry professionals

21 May 2018
18:00 to 20:00
21 May

Ever been interested in the creation of soundtracks for TV and Film? 

SAE Institute Glasgow is delighted to invite you to participate in our upcoming SAE EXTRA event - a panel discussion with key industry professionals who will share their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of music for TV and Film.

With the opportunity to meet and learn from people that work at different stages of the process, this exciting event will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the industry - from creating the music to arranging music synchronisation licenses.

You will hear from an experienced composer about writing and performing music for a range of Film and TV productions, and on working to compositional briefs. In addition, you will learn from a publishing company about the steps that go into finding and synchronising music for Film/TV, as well as the deals and agreements that are established along the way. You will also understand what rights you have as a musician when contracted to compose an original score, or when your music is selected for Film/TV sync.

The event will finish with a Q&A session where you can tap into the vast knowledge of our panelists and gain a further insight into the fascinating world of music for Film and TV.


Tamara Schlesinger - Music Business Lecturer, SAE Institute Glasgow


Scott Shields – Film and TV Music Composer

Murray Buchanan – Media and Entertainment Lawyer

Susan Montgomery / 23rdPrecinct Music – record shop and publishing company supported by UK’s leading independent publisher Notting Hill